Enter the Virtual Zendo

Return to stillness every weekday online.

Daily zazen meditation practice is a critical foundation for our spiritual awakening practice, and students are encouraged to make a strong commitment to sitting meditation. We understand how difficult this can be to do alone, however, and are pleased to offer Virtual Zendo as a valuable practice aid.

In Virtual Zendo sessions, senior Hollow Bones practitioners volunteer to host periods of zazen meditation, as well as short social check-ins and opportunities for discussion. This takes place through Zoom calls, and people of all backgrounds and practice levels are encouraged to attend.

Join us to experience the support of the jewel of Sangha as we sit with compassion for all beings.

Daily Practice Periods

U.S. Mornings: Monday Friday
5 am – US Pacific / 8 am – US Eastern / 2 pm – CET

U.S. Evenings: Monday
3:30 pm – US Pacific / 6:30 pm – US Eastern / 12:30 am – CET

U.S. Evenings: Tuesday
4:30 pm – US Pacific / 7:30 pm – US Eastern / 1:30 am – CET

European Mornings: Monday – Friday (Except 12/25-26 and 1/1, 2023)
8 am – CET

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Service Leaders

8 am – New York (ET)

  • Monday: Reishin Denise Leong
  • Tuesday: Jozen Jonathon Fielder
  • Wednesday: Emyo Darlene Tataryn
  • Thursday: Kevala Deb Hoffmann
  • Friday: Engo Michael Jackson

6:30 & 7 pm (ET)

  • Monday: Kensho Len Silverston
  • Tuesday: Ryokan Chris Spicer (includes a 15 min. movement period before meditation)

8 am – Berlin (CET)

  • Monday: Bussho Martin Boroson
  • Tuesday: Zenshin Susanne Fiege
  • Wednesday: Myoshin Stefan Schoch
  • Thursday: Tendo Govind Vloemans
  • Friday: Myoshin Stefan Schoch

What to expect

  • You will arrive in a waiting room and be let in by the host.
  • Participants are muted upon arrival.
  • You remain in control your video. Please turn off your camera if you must move around.
  • Our host will provide instructions at the start of each session.
  • It is preferable to arrive on time and participate for the entire session, though participants may arrive and leave as necessary.
  • You will be sitting zazen, so please choose a suitable quiet location and wear comfortable clothing.

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