General Instructions for Online Programs

Maintain Silence

  • Maintain silence during the entire meeting other than scheduled check-in/check-out and open discussion times.
  • Silence other notifications, electronic distractions, and other online activities other than Zoom.
  • Mute your Zoom Audio when joining and only unmute when you must speak.
  • We encourage participants to attend full sessions, but if you have scheduling conflicts and can only make part of the activities, please arrive and leave silently whenever you’re able to.

Zoom Zendo Etiquette

  • Be present, physically still, and visually non-distracting for all meditation periods.
  • Participate in all group activities.
  • If you MUST move/potentially cause distraction turn off your Zoom camera until done, and then turn it back on.
  • Consider others when choosing a location to join in from. Logging in from a stable device, such as a desktop computer is preferred over a phone without a stand.
  • Zoom has two views- Speaker and Gallery view. During the morning service, qigong and dharma talk, we recommend the Speaker view. Feel free to change as needed.


  • Take care of any biological needs during a break or period of qigong, and return quickly.
  • Be in your seats five minutes early!
  • You’ll need the Sutra Book (Download here)