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Tozan Hannya, Paco John Vérin

New York  

Tozan was first introduced to meditation at the age of 8 and informally explored various methods into adulthood. He was also deeply influenced by Native American cultures, which developed his reverence for Nature as manifest divine consciousness, rather than a “renewable resource.”

In 1999, he partook in the MKP’s New Warrior Training Adventure, beginning his training in emotional consciousness within the MKP community. Via MKP, he learned of Hollow Bones, and at his first retreat in May, 2002, he took lay precepts in the order. In 2011 he was ordained as a priest. His dharma name translates as Cave Mountain Wisdom, which he spelunks and climbs in deep inquiry.

What Tozan values most about Hollow Bones and Mondo Zen is the direct and clear integration of ecological stewardship, philosophical clarity, psychological maturity, physical consciousness, and genuine insight, and the use of these training elements as mirrors of one’s degree of authenticity. He is currently doing a classic 1000-day monastic training at Dai Bosatsu Zendo in the Catskills, NY (through June 2019), and helping to integrate Mondo Zen into the community and practice structure.