Deepen your practice

One retreat with others can be worth one year of practice done alone.

Hollow Bones Zen offers annual meditation retreats throughout the year in-person and online, enabling sangha members to plan seasonal concentrated practice. Our in-person retreats are hosted by zen centers that allow for dedicated time spent in silence, with time for nature walks, and group meals. These retreats also offer excellent opportunities for beginners to deepen their practice and learn alongside experienced community members. Also see our calendar of special events for unique opportunities to practice.

Our Annual Retreats

April 16
In Person and Online
at Zen River • Appleton, WI

Jun Po Roshi Memorial Retreat

On or around our founder’s birthday, April 14th, we gather together to celebrate his life and teachings. This is a period of reflecting on teachings from his provocative and direct style while engaging in deep meditation and conscious embodiment practice. 

This event is held free for all. Donations are always welcome.

May 5 – 7
In Person & Online

Meeting Life As It Is

A silent retreat led by entirely women. This continues a tradition that was initially started in 2013 by our now deceased Dharma sister, Daju Suzanne Friedman. All genders are very welcome to attend and participate in this retreat.

June 17 – 24
In Person
Dai bosatsu monastery, New york

Return to the Roots: Summer Solstice Sesshin

Join us for our annual return to  Dai Bosatsu Zendo, the home monastery of our founding teacher. Located on a stunning property in the Catskills, DBZ is a residential monastery that graciously hosts Hollow Bones Zen for a formal seven day silent sesshin.

December 7 – 10
In Person & Online
at Zen River • Appleton, WI


Rohatsu, also known as Bodhi Day, is a celebration of the historical Buddha’s awakening. At Hollow Bones Zen, our tradition is to engage in this celebration with a silent retreat, offering an opportunity for deep inquiry and the continuance of our awakening.