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Myoshin Seido Stefan Schoch


After stumbling around searching for a teacher and Sangha, Stefan eventually ran into the Mondo Zen Koan Practice and JunPo Roshi. Making his living as an Integral Master Coach™, nothing less than an approach that would not contradict to the integral philosophy in any way could be acceptable.

With Mondo Zen, both as a philosophical re-orientation AND a practice, he found what eventually felt nothing less than ‘finally I’m home’.

Since then, he engaged intensely in his own practice, while also offering ZaZen and Mondo Zen group dialogues in his growing German Sangha. In 2016 he ordained with Doshin Roshi as Integral Zen / Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Priest. Always working on his Koan ‘how to take my seat as MyoShin while at the same time step out of the way as Stefan’ he found his way back to his root teacher JunPo Roshi and the Hollow Bones Zen lineage.