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Koren Dojin Katy Park


Koren Koren Dojin Katy Park lives in the Portland, Maine, area with her dharma partner, Dazu Kodo Justin Park and their two children, Jeremiah and Selah.  The unfolding of her path has been strongly shaped by her deep desire to be a presence in the world that offers healing and joy wherever she finds herself.  She is conscious of how each person she encounters is a teacher, extending the invitation to show up with clarity and creativity to the very moment.

As a dharma partner to her husband Justin Dazu, she is passionate about the opportunity that committed, intimate relationships are for being dynamic containers for growth and awakening.  As a parent she is aware of the on-going invitation her children offer, to cultivate the practices of clarity, grace, and gratitude.  As a licensed social worker, she spends most of her days at Bomb Diggity Arts, a community program in Portland Maine, supporting adults with developmental disabilities in creative ventures, exploration, and demonstration of their particular expressions and gifts.

Katy Koren is a certified yoga teacher with Phoenix Rising yoga therapy and has advanced Tantra Hatha Yoga training with Yogarupa Rod Stryker (founder of Parayoga).  She also is a graduate of the Jaguar Path, an integrative training in yoga and shamanism with Ray Crist.  A few times a year, she has the privilege of supporting mothers and partners in the powerful rite of passage of welcoming new life as a birth doula with DONA international.

One of Koren Katy and Dazu Justin collaborative offerings includes holding space for sacred partnership support and coaching.  This offering takes lots of different shapes, one of which is rite of passage work including Wedding Ceremonies and pre/post and on-going marital coaching support sessions. Koren also offers healing work with individual clients and loves to dance (literally and metaphorically) through life and sees this practices as a healing modality and one of her deepest offering as well.

After years of committed spiritual practice and discernment, Katy received Jukai vows and took her seat within Hollow Bones in December of 2013, with the recognition that Zen practice was a core foundation to her own integrated path.  She deepened her vow to grow up, show up, clean up, and wake when she took novice priest vows in the summer of 2015.

Katy is committed to supporting others as they navigate the process of waking up and showing up to this one and precious life, thriving on this Way of being Human, and enjoying the ride along the way!