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Kevala Jnana Deb Hoffmann


Kevala lives in Wisconsin where Rinzai Zen found her under the most unlikely circumstances.  She currently serves as registrar for the Hollow Bones order.

She began practice in 2002, delighted to have found Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, a living teaching of Zen, in the basement of a Catholic abbey in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Attracted to the clarity and truth of Zen, chanting the enigmatic Heart Sutra opened a door.  Hollow Bones Five Training Element Practice gives a structure to bring this practice into the world. 

She took jukai in 2005 and ordained as a priest in 2010, vowing to serve and liberate all beings, to enlighten her shadow states, to master true teachings and to follow her true path.

Her background has been as a business analyst, and she is trained as an Ayurvedic educator with further clinical training in this ancient healing art.

“Gratitude to all who made it possible for me to find this path, to those who walk with me, and who help me see the weeds in my way.”