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Bussho Martin Boroson


Bussho Martin Seiren Boroson received jukai with Enkyo Roshi at the Village Zendo in New York, part of the White Plum Asanga. The name Seiren means Pure Lotus – a reminder to him that the purity of thought must be grounded in the mud of everyday life. He was ordained as a priest by Junpo Roshi in the Hollow Bones order. The name Bussho means Buddha Nature–perfect, complete, and definitely a work in progress.

Originally from New York, Bussho lived in Dublin, Ireland for many years and now lives in Totnes, England, with his partner of twenty-six years, Andrew.

As a teenager, Bussho was a precocious political activist, then gave up what seemed an inevitable career in politics to study Western philosophy—less an academic pursuit and more a personal quest to cure his own depression and find something unquestionably true. On reaching the end of Western philosophy, and not having found the answer, he had nowhere to go but off the cliff. In the space of several months, he came out of the closet,  discovered Taoism, Zen, and magic mushrooms, and had his first big experience of unreasonable happiness.    

After earning an MBA, he eschewed a business career to continue spiritual exploration, studying and teaching the work of C.G. Jung and training with Dr. Stanislav Grof in the principles and practice of psychedelic therapy. For many years, he worked as a psychotherapist, primarily supporting people recovering from severe trauma.

Bussho is the author of the mystical creation story, Becoming Me, and a playful, practical reframe of meditation training, One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go.

Now working as an executive coach and speaker, Bussho is a faculty member of Mobius Executive Leadership and director of The One Moment Company, which brings a Zen approach to the thorny koan of time, helping organizations transform their culture from the inside out.