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Bodhi Dharma William Prince


Bodhi Dharma William Prince attended his first Mondo Zen/Hollow Bones retreat in 2008. He had an awakening during the Mondo Zen process led by DoShin Michael Nelson, and Bodhi never looked back. He took Jukai in 2011 and was ordained a priest in January 2013.

As a child, and again during his teens and twenties, Bodhi had spontaneous experiences of one mind, of infinite vastness, of all knowing selfless awareness. These experiences were life changing and prompted a curiosity to follow a spiritual path. He explored many personal growth trainings and workshops, including massage, est, Actualizations, Primal Therapy, studying with Swami Satchidananda, living in an intentional Gestalt Therapy community and attending the Berkeley Psychic Institute for a number of years. All of this led Bodhi to work within the Mankind Project beginning in 2000, where he became emotionally literate and did healing work with other men, which he continues to do today. It was here that he heard about Hollow Bones.

After years of searching, Bodhi found self, and no-self, right here, in the eternal present. Bodhi’s daily practice includes meditation, gigong and environmental stewardship. He teaches qigong to seniors with his beloved partner Theresa. He has made and uses biodiesel in his car and work truck. Bodhi continues to be committed to doing his part to care for the environment. Bodhi teaches the dharma in his time with his granddaughters and step children, through facilitation of Mondo Zen one-on-one and with groups, and in working within the Mankind Project with Doshin Nelson Roshi and other men to further his own and others’ awakening. Bodhi’s life purpose is to embody the dharma in each moment as much as possible, with himself and others, for the good of all life.