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Zenshin Jizen Susanne Fiege

Cologne, germany

Zenshin Jizen (Zen Heart-Mind Nature) Susanne Fiege took Jukai in April 2021, and was ordained by taiso at the Summer Solstice Sesshin in June 2023.

Her spiritual journey began when she was 9 years old with Martial Arts (Judo) practice. During her early life, her uncle was her spiritual teacher and introduced her eventually to Meditation and the Integral Theory. Also, with the help of her uncle she was able to receive training as an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher at the end of an intense period of depression.

She first heard about Hollow Bones and Mondo Zen in 2017 during an Integral Salon in Cologne when Myoshin introduced the Mondo Zen Koan Process to a group of interested people. Since then, she has been passionate about the process. In 2018, she attended her first in-person Mondo Retreat in Germany, and shortly after, started her own Mondo Group Meetings in Cologne until Covid hit in 2020.

In Summer 2020, she connected to the “base” of Hollow Bones in the US via Zoom and attended the online Mondo Sesshin in August 2020. In September 2020, she began Mondo Zen Facilitator Training. After her successful certification as a Facilitator in June 2021, she joined the Priest Training cohort and engaged in several years of study.

With a deepening connection to the Hollow Bones order, she began volunteering as retreat and service staff (such as IT Jisha and online Inji), helping host Virtual Zendo, and assisting with Sunday online events and the Saturday EU Morning Service, and currently serves as an HBZ Steward of the Sangha and an admin for the Hollow Bones Facebook Sangha Group. Since her ordination, she has been working to establish a German-speaking Sangha and broader European community, with intentions to make European retreats more possible.

For connecting with Zenshin please use the contact a steward form or connect on Facebook.