Regular Programs

Every Day

U.S. Mornings: Monday – Friday
5 am – US Pacific / 8 am – US Eastern / 2 pm – CET

U.S. Evenings: Monday
3:30 pm – US Pacific / 6:30 pm – US Eastern / 12:30 am – CET

U.S. Evenings: Thursday
4 pm – US Pacific / 7 pm – US Eastern / 1 am – CET

European Mornings: Monday – Friday
8 am – CET

8 am – New York (ET)
Monday: Reishin Denise Leong
Tuesday: Jozen Jonathon Fielder
Wednesday: Emyo Darlene Tataryn
Thursday: Kevala Deb Hoffmann
Friday: Engo Michael Jackson

6:30 & 7 pm (ET)
Monday: Kensho Len Silverston
Thursday: Ryokan Chris Spicer (includes a 15 min. movement period before meditation)

8 am – Berlin (CET)
Monday: Bussho Martin Boroson
Tuesday: Zenshin Susanne Fiege
Wednesday: Myoshin Stefan Schoch
Thursday: Tendo Govind Vloemans
Friday: Myoshin Stefan Schoch

  • What to expect
  • You will arrive in a waiting room and be let in by the host.
  • Participants are muted upon arrival.
  • You remain in control your video. Please turn off your camera if you must move around.
  • Our host will provide instructions at the start of each session.
  • It is preferable to arrive on time and participate for the entire session, though participants may arrive and leave as necessary.
  • You will be sitting zazen, so please choose a suitable quiet location and wear comfortable clothing.

Weekly Practice with Kintsugi Sangha
Attend online or in-person, Hartland, Wisconsin
Every week, 6:30 pm Central / 7:30 pm EST
Find out more details on the sangha website.


Evening Practice with Zen River
Attend online or in-person, Appleton, Wisconsin
Every week, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Central / 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm EST
Find out more details on the sangha website.


Evening Practice with Green Bay Zen Center
Attend online or in-person, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Every week, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Central / 7:00 – 8:30 EST
Find out more details on the sangha website.

Every Saturday
Local Time for this Event: 7:30 am CT – 9:30 am CT (Wisconsin)
Join in-person or online with Zen River Sangha in Appleton, WI, every Saturday Morning.
For more details and Zoom information please visit the sangha’s website.

Every Saturday • Dana-based program
11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
Join Bodhi and Betsy for weekly 60 minute classes. Each class begins with meditation followed by a discussion of the day’s Radiant Heart Qigong practices and principles, followed by applying those principles in practice.

This is the practice of integrating embodied mindfulness, creating wholeness in meditative action with a quality of mindfulness that Fudo Myoo Roshi calls “presence awareness.” These teachings are fundamentally in harmony with the principles and practices of Buddhist Dharma and Daoist cultivation.

Every Sunday (NO SERVICE 4/28)
Morning Practice with Open Door Zen
Attend online or in-person, Columbiana, Ohio
8:00 am – 10:00 am EST

1st Saturdays
Local Time for this Event: 9:00 am CEST (Berlin) / 2:00 am EST (New York)

For our European Sangha members and/or more eastern located people, we offer a monthly morning practice period. We start with the Hollow Bones Morning Service*, followed by 30 minutes of silent sitting meditation (Zazen) and some mindful embodiment practice (mostly Qigong). We close with an optional Check-in where you can also ask any arising questions about the practice. This time is also an opportunity to connect to other practitioners around Europe.

Join us for:

Morning Service (~20 minutes)
Zazen (30 minutes)
Qigong (~20 minutes)
Check-In, Q&A, connection (optional)
Please be in your seats at 8:55 to check your technical settings and get settled for the practice.

English is the common language, and due to the fact that the current hosting team is from Germany, we are also able to translate and communicate in German. People from other countries are joining us as well, like Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Russia— feel free to join us from anywhere and we’ll find a way to communicate!

*In order to participate in the Hollow Bones Morning Service, please have a copy of the sutra book.

3rd Sundays, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm EST (New York)

Sunday sangha is an opportunity to come together for philosophical reorientation and insight practice. Without a skillful cognitive understanding, the power of meditative practice is limited; without personal realization through meditative experience, a new philosophy does little to end our suffering.

In this 75-minute practice period, hosts will lead you through what we call the “short form” of ritual practice. This includes an abbreviated morning service, meditation, a short talk or reading, and dharma discussion. The recitation of the dharma preceding the meditation is a wonderful way to prepare yourself to still the mind and open the heart. While the ensuing discussion is a place to check and expand our understanding of living zen.

Sunday Sangha Schedule: All Times in Eastern Time (ET)

11:00 am Brief Check in
11:05 am Short Morning Service *
11:15 am Meditation
11:40 am Short Break
11:45 am Topic & Discussion
12:10 am Closing Check in
12:15 am Departure

* Short Service: pgs. 1-4 + 9-11

5th Sundays, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm EST (New York)
Hear a talk from Taiso.