Summer Solstice Sesshin

Register to join us at Dai Bosatsu Monastery in New York, June 15-22!

Our prices for trainings and retreats are set to cover the operational costs that allow us to maintain a web presence and offer online options, along with any costs associated with food and lodging for in-person options. Additionally, we build in a small additional overhead to assist with general operations, training development, and staffing. The fees we set are currently far from sufficient to fairly compensate the staff who works to create and offer these trainings, and insufficient to allow standing scholarship pools or subsidized prices.

Roshis, priests, those who have taken jukai, active staff and volunteers, and those who have attended trainings or events within the last year may be eligible for coupon codes that allow a set amount to be taken off some listings, although we typically cannot offer discounts for in-person options. If you meet one of these criteria and do not already have such a code, feel free to reach out to to request one. If you are able to afford participation without using such codes, we appreciate your generosity.

If you require financial assistance beyond what has been mentioned here, please contact us for information about the application process.