Living Mondo at Diamond Zen Center

Join us this April at Diamond Zen Center in Banning, CA, April 10 – 14

Join taiso and Lloyd roshis for a new and unique style of Hollow Bones Mondo Zen retreat. This retreat will enrich, expand and challenge our understanding of Mondo Zen through an interplay of dialogue-based inquiry and concentration-meditation. By opening our philosophical understanding to new horizons, our sitting practice will be enlivened with a renewed depth of inquiry. The experiential insight that arises from this practice can inspire a more profound realization of Clear Deep Heart/Mind and the freedom and joy inherent in our innermost being. Based in this buddh-centric perspective, participants will have the opportunity to realize the power of the Emotional Koan process to deconstruct the belief-emotive-cognitive-behavioral chain.

In dokusan, participants will be challenged to explore areas in their life where wise and compassionate action is required. With the support of the retreat leaders, participants will return to their lives empowered to step into new ways of being.

In order to participate in this retreat you must have been facilitated through Mondo Zen Koan Practice. If you have not been facilitated (or have not been facilitated recently), we encourage you to visit this page for the most recent version of the Mondo Manual and be connected with a facilitator.

Arrive by: 4:00 pm, April 10 Depart by: 1:00 pm, April 14