Our History

Hollow Bones Zen began in 1999 in response to a request from the Mankind Project to create a complimentary training and practice structure that embodies Zen Buddhist teachings. The early retreats were made available to men who had participated in the Mankind Project and in 2002 expanded to include women through co-ed retreats and workshops.

The Hollow Bones Zen Retreat is a modern American Zen meditation retreat. Its root and form are adopted from the Japanese Samurai Rinzai Zen Tradition. The language used is English, and all of the practices are articulated and clearly understood.

In this school of Zen, it is essential that you awaken now, and there is a fierce insistence that you do. Meditating, sitting quietly is not enough. You must awaken! You must become free! You must answer the question, “Who Are you” from the depth of realization, not speculation.

Mondo Zen is the latest incarnation of The Hollow Bones Order. Retreats are currently conducted in Amsterdam, Colorado, California, and Wisconsin.