Happy New Year!

We hope you will join us in deepening your Zen practice in the year ahead. Here’s a link to some specific goals we intend to accomplish this year, and an overview of our vision to contextualize our plans.

I am proud to announce that Umi no Nami, Dan Rotnem, our current Executive Director, is formally designated a Dharma Teacher of the Hollow Bones Zen Order. Through practice and study he is well-prepared for this additional responsibility.

We will be holding the Living Mondo retreat that was canceled last year in Southern California April 10-14.  There are only 15 slots currently left available for this retreat, so sign up on our website sooner rather than later if you wish to attend! We will also be holding our annual retreat at Dai Bosatsu this June, where we will ceremonially recognize Umi as a dharma teacher. I hope you will be able to join us there.

I also want to speak to our annual budget, and fundraising for the 2024 fiscal year.  Our deep gratitude to all of those who make sustaining monetary contributions, or made other commitments toward our sustainability for the year.  As of now, we have pledges for about 40% of what we need to raise for the year.  If you have not joined this practice of Dana, please consider doing so, and if you can afford to increase your contribution, this is greatly appreciated.  This document outlines our fundraising target and the way our funds are used.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

In recent years, Lloyd Fickett has served as President of Friends of Zen, Inc.  (the legal entity through which Hollow Bones Zen operates).  Although he intends to remain engaged with Hollow Bones, he has resigned from board presidency to concentrate on other endeavors this year. Please join me in recognizing the invaluable contribution Lloyd has made at a pivotal time for Hollow Bones Zen and Friends of Zen.  The Board expects to elect a new President at our March meeting.  Meanwhile Yoshin, Dave Klaus, Vice-President, is currently serving as Acting President.

Hope to see you in Practice soon!


Taiso, Abbot

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