Meeting Life As It Is

3-Day Retreat

Join us for a silent women-led retreat.

Zen River, Appleton, Wisconsin

2024 Dates TBD

Retreat Leaders

Vicara Mary Connelly Roshi

Reishin Denise Leong

MaDhyana Kat Kelly

Kevala Deb Hoffman

Join us for “Meeting Life As It Is,” a women-led silent retreat. This continues a tradition initially started in 2013 by our now deceased Dharma sister, Daju Suzanne Friedman. All genders are very welcome to attend and participate in this retreat.

During this retreat, we will explore entering life fully. We are all here in the midst of life. Are we waiting for it to happen? How do we want to live? Can we allow everything we experience in life to enliven us? We hope you can join us and explore letting your experience to simply be what it is. To listen to yourself without an opinion.

This practice period is a silent retreat and includes morning and evening services, seated meditation, walking meditation, conscious embodiment practice such as yoga and qi gong, opportunities for dokusan (one-on-one interview) with Vicara Roshi, as well as teisho. In addition, various women teachers will give dharma talks. 

Hosted by Zen River Sangha in Appleton, WI, this practice will also be open for online participation. Those participating in person will need to arrange for their own lodging in the Appleton area. All meals are included in the retreat price.