Our training will help you embody the dharma.


Why learn from us?

We commit to supporting all seekers on their journey of awakening, from the absolute beginner or casual practitioner to the experienced and devoted seeker of liberation.

We recognize that awakening experiences are pivotal moments in the spiritual journey, and also they aren’t enough on their own. We must bring these insights into our lives, deconstruct suffering caused by habitual reactive patterns, and engage in the world with wise, compassionate responses. We’ve observed that those who find resonance with this practice often experience a transformation that goes on to impact their families and communities around them.

Often, such practitioners will be asked to share what they know or may feel called to positions of teaching or leadership in their lives. Our extended mission is to provide the support practitioners need to do so authentically and with integrity. We believe transmitting awakening practice through our communities will lead to a more harmonious and loving world.

Our wide-open hearts will let you travel your own path, including comings and goings in your participation with Hollow Bones Zen.

Awakening is not something anyone else can do for you; it is up to you to take your seat.

Hollow Bones Zen is a synthesis of our founder’s lineages: Rinzai Zen, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, and his understanding of the importance of personal psychological work.

The Five Practice Mirrors

The 12 week training program begins with a consideration each of these training elements before participants are assigned small groups for weekly ongoing support. These mirrors are: Sacred Stewardship, Philosophical Reorientation, Emotional Koan, Conscious Embodiment, and Genuine Insight.

Training begins September 8, 2024

Zen & Facing Death

In this 8-week course, we will examine fear and how Zen practice and the Mondo Zen process can dissolve the grip that so often paralyzes us into denial and disconnection when faced with sickness, old age, and death.

Training begins October 10, 2024

The Sutra Book of Hollow Bones

Join us for a six-week online training that will discuss the core teachings of Hollow Bones found in the Sutra Book. Topics include the morning service, chants and prayers, selected readings, the Precepts, the Five Training Elements, and the lineage.

Training offered annually, next open January 2025

The Precepts: Intensive Study

Precepts are sets of injunctions, guideposts or standards of conduct that practitioners of Zen seek to live by. As part of the Jukai Ceremony and the Ordination Ceremony to become a Hollow Bones Priest, committing to live by the precepts provides a guide to the Hollow Bones dharma teachings in daily life. Familiarizing oneself with these commitments through daily intention and practice is a necessary step in deepening ones path of awakening beyond zazen and Mondo Zen Facilitation.

Training begins March 17, 2024



The word “mondo” translates into English as “The Way of Dialogue.” This practice is designed to bring your rational thinking mind to one point of focus – a question that points to a deeper truth about this consciousness, and leads to the arising of personal insight.