Welcome to our community forum! [General Guidelines]

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    • January 31, 2023 at 9:56 pm #502361

      Thank you for joining our online community here at Hollow Bones Zen! This general forum provides an area for sangha members to share stories about practice and enjoy support from the community.

      While we don’t anticipate this community will need many rules or much moderation, please bear in mind the following guidelines:

      1) Please keep topics related to zen practice. We welcome more off-topic chatter and general photo sharing in our Facebook Group!

      2) Please generally avoid hot-button social issues, including politics and personal choices around health.

      3) Please refrain from posting explicit sexual or violent content, or other “shock value” links or photos. Content that would be inappropriate if shared publicly in your local zendo also does not belong here.

      4) Please respect ALL community members! We will not tolerate any form of online bullying, harassment, doxxing, ad hominem attacks, or other behavior which does not “extend tender care to all beings.” Disrespectful individuals may be banned from participating in our forums.

      If you see any posts or comments that you feel violate our community standards, please contact a staff member or sangha steward immediately.

      Happy posting!

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