Welcome to the new website! [Questions & Bug Reports Here]

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    • January 31, 2023 at 6:33 pm #502293

      Welcome to the new website! Feel free to ask general questions or report bugs to this forum thread, or you can send a private email to admin@hollowbones.org

      Known Issues / Still in Progress:

      Transferring student transcripts to individual member accounts/records (we couldn’t do this part until folks started registering their new accounts!)

      Resource libraries with additional instructional content, video archives, etc. Look for these pages to be built in the next few months! For now, you’re looking for general instructional content beyond what’s on the current Beginning Meditation page, ask one of our teachers, check out our Youtube channel, or check the blogs.

      Unformatted blog posts. You’ll notice older blog posts have spacing issues, links to the old Squarespace site, and other sections that are a bit hinky. We’ll be manually updating these older posts over the coming months, so for now, don’t worry about reporting broken links within blog text.

      Some automated emails may be unfinished/incomplete. Theoretically, you shouldn’t receive emails other than confirmations/follow-up of things you’ve signed up for. Please let us know if you receive an email from HBZ that contains incomplete or inaccurate information.

      We need to know:

      Any errors, missing or broken links, or other things are are straight up broken.

      What else you need! Tell us about any pages where you need more information, more links/links to go back or elsewhere, more or different options, etc. Also let us know your ideas for additional community forums, tools, or website features.

      What doesn’t feel intuitive. If you have trouble navigating the website, finding information, or getting in touch with the right people, let us know.

      Thank you for helping us develop our new platform!

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